Welcome to our Martin Family Website

There are lots of branches of the Martin family tree all over the world. This site is dedicated to our particular 'twig', originally based in the London/north-west Kent area of England.

The main point of this site is to share the research begun by Jean (Ethel) Martin (my Mum) into the Martin side of our family history. Sadly, Mum died on 26th December 2006 after a short but brave battle against lung cancer. This site is dedicated to her and I hope to be able to build on the foundations she laid, for all future Martin family generations. Along the way you'll get to meet various members of our extended family and learn a bit about us.

I hope you enjoy our site!

Bill C Martin (Jr)

Pictured here: The Martin family at Peter's house in Salisbury, May 2005, celebrating the marriage of Fred & Kristen.

People (L to R): Gary Parkinson (married to Erika), Jackie Martin (married to Peter, stepmother to his daughters, Erika & Lisa), Peter Martin, Jean Martin, Erika Parkinson (nee Martin, Peter's eldest daughter), Alex Cody (Fred's stepdaughter), Kristen Cody (married to Fred), Bill Martin (Senior), Fred Martin, Bill Martin (Junior), Deana Martin (married to Bill Jr), Sam Martin (Bill & Deana's son), Lisa Martin (Peter's youngest daughter).

Pooches (L to R): Max (Erika & Gary's Retriever).
Mitzi (Jean & Bill's Shih Tzu)