Fred & Kristen

Frederick Leonard Arthur Martin was born on 24th February, 1965, at 93 Glenhurst Avenue, Bexley, Kent, England. He's the 3rd son of Bill and Jean (Ethel).

Jean's brothers and sisters had emigrated from the UK to California in the 1960s and Jean followed in 1977, taking husband Bill and youngest son – the then 10 year-old Fred – with them.

Fred took over his parents' house in Phoenix, Arizona, when Jean and Bill moved back to the UK around 1992. Fred married Kristen Cody in Phoenix, bringing Kristen's daughter by a previous marriage, Alex (Mo) to the family.

In December 2006, Kristen and Fred announced the birth of their son, Adrian Vaughan Cody Martin. Summer 2008 sees the whole family move to beautiful Monterey, California. That's a pretty sneaky way to get the rest of the family to visit more often!

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Fred Martin (aka Martin Shears)