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Samuel William Martin

born 1987

Hi. I'm Sam, born Christmas Day, 1987 at Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup, Kent.

I'm the only son of Bill Martin (Jr) and Deana Martin. We moved from our house in Blackfen, near Sidcup, Kent, when I was about 4 and I went to school at Ashley Infant School, then to Ashley Junior School in Ashley, New, Milton, Hampshire.

We moved to Doncaster in December 1998 and I finished my last 2 terms of junior school at Auckley Junior School before going to The Hayfield School in Doncaster in September 1999.

I learnt to play drums and rehearsed with several bands. Through my teens I really got into skateboarding in a big way and became quite good at it, though the local hospitals may not agree - especially as I always used to get strange looks from them when visiting A&E after a nasty fall and asking for 'my usual room'!

I left school in 2005, with 5 GCSEs. I did pass part of my French AS exam but decided academia wasn't for me and to get a job.

I worked for Vue Cinemas in Doncaster for a year, where I did all kinds of customer-facing jobs. This included selling the food and concessions, learning how to do payroll, selling tickets, dealing with customers, stock taking and training new staff. I then worked for HSBC as a trainee salesman, where I began to develop my sales and people skills and gained some new business skills too.

I'm very interested in the cocktail bar industry and plan to have my own bar in a few years. To help me get there, I'm currently doing occasional work with one of the best UK mobile 'flair' cocktail bar companies - Cocktail Stars - and have attedended some amazing internation cocktail flairing events, both in the UK and more recently in Budapest!

In March 2008 I started work as a flair cocktail barman at Boiler Rooms, Doncaster's best cocktail bar. Over the next year or so I aim to gain more experience in a static cocktail bar so I can build my direct knoweldge of the business.

You can read more about me and my ambitions and plans on my website,

Sam Martin