Above: My grandad, William Charles Martin (2), moved into 43 Engleheart Rd, Catford, before his 1st birthday. The family remined there till the early 1930s.

bove: Bill (2) and Em, pictured during their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations, in 1975.

William Charles Martin (2)

born 5 Jan 1905, died 10 Feb 1996

This William Charles Martin (2), known as Bill, was the son of William Charles Martin (1) and Emily Sarah Cooper. He was born on 5th January 1905 at 22 Cory Square, Lambeth, London, a small cul-de-sac between Duke Street (now Duchy Street, Lambeth) and a road just the east, now known as Broadwalk. A grassy square now covers the place where Cory Square once stood. I'm not clear whether the old tenements were bulldozed or bombed during the wars.When Bill 2's birth was registered his place of residence was given as Block 22 Peabody Buildings, Duke Street, just a few steps from Cory Square. He died on 10th February 1996 in Cooksditch House, East Street, Faversham, Kent.

He married Emily Rose Belchem on 30th May 1925 at Parish Church, Brompton, Kent. Emily Rose Belchem was born on 5th May, 1899 at 12 Union Street, Wandsworth, Clapham, London. She died on 13th December 1985 at Nunnery fields Hospital, Canterbury, Kent. They married on 30th May, 1925, at the Parish Church, Brompton, in Kent.

They were living at 43, Engleheart Road, Catford, by the time their first child, William Charles (3) was born, in 1926. Their second child, Pete, was also born in Catford in 1932 and died of cancer on 29th October, 1983.

Bill & Em lived much of their lives at 94 Yorkland Avenue, Welling, Kent, before retiring to Blean, near Canterbury. My memories of them were particularly of Grandad playing the piano - the span of his huge hands being more than a match for the stride piano playing he was so good at. Nan used to bake trays of coconut cakes to feed the local bird population (one of Grandad's particular passions!). Nan and Grandad could always be spotted as the two elderly people holding hands as they walked around a market or along a sea front.

Grandad was a good carpenter and also loved messing around with cars - from his 3-wheeled Morgan to more sedate motors. He enjoyed driving all around Kent and was very knowledgeable about many of its small towns and villages. We have lots of stories about this William Charles Martin. If you think he links to your family tree, please contact me! I have a great photo of the eldest sons of eldest sons - four Martin generations - taken sometime in 1990-91. You can imagine what Christmases and family get-togethers were like. Someone just had to call 'Bill' and watch the confusion!

Left to right: Bill 3, Sam, Bill 4, Bill 2.

Bill C Martin Jr