Bill 4, pictured in 2008

Below: The house at 93 Glenhurst Ave, Bexley (pictured 2008), where the Bill, Jean lived with their boys, Bill, Peter and Fred, from 1959 - 1977.

William Charles Martin (4)

born 3 May 1955

I'm the eldest of the three sons of Jean & Bill Martin. I was born in Woolwich, 1955 and grew up in Glenhurst Avenue, Bexley, Kent, until 1977, where I had a great childhood.

I went to Hurst Infant and Junior Schools, then to Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School, where I took A levels in Music, German & French. For me, secondary school was a great time. I learnt lots of great stuff and made some good friends - some of whom I am still in regular contact with today!

Having grown up in a house where there was always someone playing the piano, or the guitar or singing, it's not surprising that music become my main obsession, from a very early age. My Dad and Grandad got me hooked on the piano when I was about 5. My Uncle Arthur (Mum's half brother) did the same with the guitar in my early teens. I've spent much of my life playing music, composing it, arranging it and teaching it.

But music has also been a catalyst for learning other things too. I've studied the processes of creativity and design, come to understand how people learn and what can get in the way of their learning, taught myself digital photography, computing and even bits about website design - all because I realised that music uses many of the same patterns and approaches.

For that (among many other things), I'm eternally grateful to my parents for giving me such a rich start in life.

I married Deana Jayne Carrington in April 1985 and our son, Sam, was born on Christmas Day, 1987.

In 2008 I was promoted to become Education Liaison Manager for Yamaha Music UK, working with some amazing teachers and musicians, who all share my passion of wanting lots of people to learn music. You can read more about the work I'm involved with at Yamaha's education website and also the education community (available only to those working in music education).

Bill C Martin (Jr)